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January 9, 2013
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Ogre Kingdom Thundertusk slash Stonehorn by badbunnyDEVI Ogre Kingdom Thundertusk slash Stonehorn by badbunnyDEVI
FINALLY! I got this guy finished! I fitted the heads and body with little magnets (7mm diamater and about 0.5mm thick) and the riders aren't glued on so i can use it as both a stonehorn and thundertusk :)
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Taelonar Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
When I first saw this I was like; why does he have two riders and a standard bearer on that Stonehorn? Then I saw your comments and realised what you've done. First let me say that you are an awesome painter, really great. But I have to say for my tastes, I don't like the idea of having one model for two units. Call me a purest but it just doesn't seem right to me. What happens if you want to field both monsters in the same army? Also why does one of your ogres have a standard? Let me say again that I really respect your skills and am not in any way trying to insult your modelling prowess.
badbunnyDEVI Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013
thank you very much for all your comments! :) Like in all of my figs I like to make them a bit unique. I tend to play around with different ways to glue them together. The flag is actually the standard from Blackorcs. I rarely find a figure that i like in the exact way it's been designed so i combine different bits and piecxes together to make something different.

I also thought the banner would look cool on the hunter so i decided to conf that. and the magnet is because i don't think i'll buy another one very soon but if i'll get one then i'll put a magnet on that one aswell.. that way i can use them as both stonehorns/thundertusks or them both of them different. It just give me more options :)

another good example is the aracnarok spider. If you look at the goblin contraption on the back it has the end of the catapult as an totem and the shaman :) i just like like to make my figs as awesome as possible with small comfigurations
Taelonar Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
You are very talented. I wish you lived in Sydney, we'd probably hang out and work on our minis maybe even have a few games every now and then. I love conversions.
badbunnyDEVI Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013
i'll be sure to remember this if i happen to come to sydney any time! :D
rohansoldier Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013
yeah if I do get the battalion someday I am considering working up a smaller army 'shooty' list for a laugh, most likely with all the leadies, 1-2 ironblasters, a firebelly for the magic missiles and maybe a thundertusk for the stone thrower shot. Maybe even a unit of maneaters with pistols if the points allow.

It might not work out very well but it will be fun to play and mess with the opponents head when they expect you to come rushing at them and you just hang back and shoot!

Good luck with the warband games, they sound like a blast!

I take it the rules allow you to use units at less than the minimum numbers as you only have one mournfang?
badbunnyDEVI Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013
yeah the basic idea is that you have to have 2 core units and either 0-2 special or 1 spec and 1 rare. You may use a units champion as an warband commander(general) or then a hero or lord but their points may not exceed 150points. (for instance you can't have a bruiser in an ogre warband because it costs too much so you use for example a irongut crusher.)
A unit may consist of less figs than usual. models with the basesize of 1"x1" minimun 3
the larger infantry and cavalry bases minimum 2
and monsterouse inf. or bigger minimum 1
HOWEVER! you must have the normal minimum amount of figs that you can buy a command in the group (for example you still have to have 10 goblins or three ogres so that you can get your commander even though only a unit of three goblins counts and functions as an individual unit.

and small extra rules. Only one warmachine/army, if 1-2 warmachines count as only one you can still take only 1 max!
in games under 200 points you may not take any characters AND YOU may not take any magic items.

Warbands are made for games upp to 500points but we've played 750 point warband games and they work just as well! There isn't a max amount of points you can use on a single unit so basically you can have a aracnaroc in for instance in a 500 pint game :D the only restriction is that you have to have a minimum of 2 core and you can have 0-2 spec or 1 spec and 1 rare
rohansoldier Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013
could be fun. will have to try it sometime!
rohansoldier Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013
I see your point about the initiative of the mournfangs (and ogres in general). However, against most units the mournfangs should demolish them without great weapons, the main reason you would need these is imo for monster hunting or units with high toughness like trolls or treekin (and for flammable units like those you just slap on a flaming banner and you are good to go!).

So how many ironguts will that give you? 10? Do you think it is worth me adding another box of them in the future so I could field a unit of 12 or 2 units of 6?

I have heard great things about the ironblasters but unfortunately their reputation (and the size of the thing!) often makes them tempting targets. I imagine when I use them they will probably go monster hunting for 1-2 turns before trying to hose down units with grapeshot then maybe charge in for impact hits with the main ogre blocks.

That depends on the army I am facing of course.

Warband rules sound like fun, where can I find them? Good luck in your games!
badbunnyDEVI Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013
I've always liked units that have either a high ws or s since that will give you more successful rolls in hit- or woundrolls. This way you can almost count out one of the rolls since it's not likely to fail (in the greatweapon case... 2+ wounds to almost all units). I like to think they give a bit stability to the game :) if you know what i mean. I can't get one word in my mind... i think it's homogeneity (not a lot of variety in outcomes)

ANYWAY! great weapons give you this. However, the the 2+ armorsave+ 6+ parry keeps them alive. BUT after a few rounds it's likely that you loose te combat at some point since your enemy will probably have more ranks etc. So I believe in most games you will do more with the great weapons :)

When talking about ironguts vs bulls i've always thought that both are as good. But you should never go to war with only oeof them. a unit of 6 ironguts with a bruiser is extremely good to have. I like to use them since as with the mournefangs great weapons give stability to the random factor concerning dice (since with streangth 6 you will almost always have 2 or 3+ wound rolls).

After I get the ironguts i'll have 10 of them and 12 bulls. That way i can make two units of 5+a bruiser of ironguts :) can't wait to try that out. And the warband rules can be found from gamesworkshops homepage i guess... that or just google it :) you'll probably find some kind of torrent link.
rohansoldier Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013
Thanks for the advice. I might try using great weapons on the mournfangs in the next game and see if it makes a difference, then I will pull the hand weapons and ironfists off the two I have built and put the great weapons on if I like them.

I think eventually I will buy the ogre battalion box that gw sells as it will give me 6 ogres, 4 ironguts and 4 leadbelchers extra. I will then buy another box of ogres as well to get my unit of 10 plus 2 models for conversions.

I think 19 ogres plus 12 ironguts in core and 12 leadies in special plus other choices should be enough! Obviously I would only use all the leadies in truly massive games though (most likely in 2 units of 6).
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